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Get professional training, learn life and leadership skills and get in great shape at any age!

Develop skills to overcome your fears and successfully deal with life challenges.

Here are some good reasons why every adult should enroll in

Martial Arts America:

Martial Arts America will help you: Lose weight. Our classes are designed specifically for the kind of workouts you need for building muscle, burning calories and increasing your metabolism which will help eliminate those unwanted pounds. Martial Arts America workouts will help to reshape your body. Your arms, legs … your waistline will become more toned.

Improve your Health. Looking for better overall health? Martial Arts America lessons will help improve your cardiovascular health. You will be able to sleep better, breathe better and even feel an increase of energy which helps you become more effective throughout the day.

Develop Self-Confidence and a positive attitude. Martial Arts America classes are also designed to be supportive, inspirational and positive. Our class dynamics keep you motivated and the staff and students all work together in achieving their individual and team goals. The feelings you get in achieving success and friendships is unmatched anywhere else.

Defend Yourself in any Situation Martial Arts America teaches two kinds of Self Defense. The first kind is physical. You will learn to become stronger, more flexible and healthier. You will learn how to strike with tremendous force and power in the most effective way possible. The second is internal. Martial Arts America in Coronado, Ca. teaches you how to recognize danger and to avoid dangerous individuals, places and activities. The whole idea is to avoid the need for any kind of confrontation.

Relieve Stress. Martial arts are well known for its stress relieving benefits. The emphasis on mind-body training goes far beyond the benefits of standard, health club type exercise programs.

Promote Teamwork. At Martial Arts America you will develop enduring friendships as you work in a team building, supportive environment.

Fifty-one years old and starting karate, what was I thinking? Before answering that, it’s important to see me through my eyes; an ex-athlete, still actively working out 2-3 times a week and hiking/backpacking, stuck in a rut trying to take off the unwanted pounds, loosing the flexibility/balance/coordination that I used to take for granted, and your basic type “A” personality. I believed that karate would give me an athletic means to correct what I perceived as negative aspects in my life. I was not concerned about progressing along the “Path to Black Belt”. Was I concerned about being able to keep up with what I thought would be a class of youngsters? You bet I was.

That was almost eleven months ago now and what I found was not what I expected. To begin with; the forty-plus crowd out-numbers the youngsters and there is no pressure to exceed what your body can do (the only push is to do the best you can, in fact, I’ve had Sensei’s ask why I was pushing so hard when I was obviously pushing my physical limits.)

The class is hard work and I found muscles that I had completely forgotten I had, but they too got on board and toned up. Through the work my flexibility and coordination have improved and I dropped 14 pounds. Testing for belts took on a life of its own; I’m still at a loss to explain why – probably the positive re-enforcement of the other students.

Taking karate is more like joining a social club, the other students rapidly became friends that all want each other to succeed. The bottom line is: I now feel better about myself.

So…what are you waiting for??

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