Developing Unshakeable Self-Esteem

Discipline… confidence and a healthy self-esteem.

Who wouldn’t want more of these qualities for their children? For these reasons alone they should enroll in Martial Arts America. Read on and let me tell you why…


“Your Child’s Self-Esteem is PRICELESS


Dear Parent,

I don’t blame you. You’re thinking, come on …how can karate and martial arts teach wholesome values – and, success skills? How can they instill discipline, confidence and self-esteem in my child? Well, I’m here to tell you, in more ways than you can begin to imagine.

First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is David Adams. I’ve worked with thousands of kids (just like yours!) over the years. At Martial Arts America in Coronado our instructors have spent many years devoted to training in the martial arts and have attained a certain level of expertise to be qualified as teachers and also mentors. For years, we have been nurturing children like yours with character building tools found only in karate. No other sport can match them. Following, I’m going to tell you how you and your child can sample all of this, and more.

Karate lessons at Martial Arts America will benefit your child because we work hand in hand with him or her providing improved self-discipline, confidence and goal setting skills. Students at Martial Arts America in Coronado learn that through dedication and work all worthwhile goals are possible. Parents directly attribute their children’s improved grades and attitude to the self-direction and motivation our program provides.

Watch as your child increases in confidence, energy and spirit. Stand and be dazzled as he becomes unstoppable in his quest for…

  • Greater academic achievement.
  • Unshakable self respect.
  • Increased strength and fitness, in both body and mind.
  • Fearless self-confidence.
  • Awesome self-control.
  • Unshakable self-esteem.

And all of it comes while learning how to “kick, block, and punch.” Look at it this way. Your child’s first and biggest challenge comes not from “fighting for his rights on the street,” or “beating up the neighborhood bully.” It comes, instead, from overcoming challenges presented to him.

I have a proven solution. A program that has already worked for over thousands of children. A series of lessons your child can learn easier than you think. I call it, “Peaceful Resolution of Conflict.” Let me tell you it’s secret:

To repeat, Martial Arts are less about your child learning to fight others, and more about learning self-mastery. Overcoming his innermost fears, thus unleashing within himself a powerful, unstoppable force. A force that gives him the strength to build his self-esteem though the following steps:

  • Creating an ongoing process
  • Setting well-defined, attainable goals + Persistence (Not quitting) = Success

We teach your children simple effective tools they can use if they ever need to deal with challenges … At Martial Arts America, we teach Leadership techniques, Focus, Confidence and Self-Esteem skills, Respect, Integrity, Knowledge and Persistance to successfully attaining your Goals and highest aspirations.

But don’t take my word for it…

Our family cannot say enough about the benefits that having our son in Karate made. His attitude change was noticed immediately. He seemed more at ease and confident and even his school work improved.

Jon and Sandi Manifold


Martial Arts America has given my son, and so many others like him, the invaluable tools of self-esteem, self-discipline and self-confidence. My son became stronger, more focused and more centered; he has grown to have a greater sense of respect for himself and for others. Martial Arts America provides an invaluable service to our community.

Brad Willis

Now, you may be asking, how does all this work? And why does karate manage to do a better job teaching it?

Again, more than any other sport, Karate gives your child the chance to explore her innate powers.Children’s Karate lessons. She’ll marvel (as you will) as she increases in strength, flexibility endurance, balance, and harmony. Yet this is only the start.

In fact, her physical skills act as a foundation for something much more important: the development of her value skills, mental and spiritual. And not cut off from her physical skills, but intimately connected – even bonded-to them. Like this:


Your child finds the courage to move outside of his comfort zone. He wills himself to take on more difficult karate moves and skills.

As he does so, he learns that whatever he sows, so he reaps. He learns to take responsibility for his actions. He suddenly sees his life as a constant, never-ending journey of life-giving improvement.


In martial arts classes, participants are constantly challenged then praised for doing their best. That builds confidence…. Kids learn that their bodies and minds are strong, powerful, and worthy of respect. Once a child learns this, his whole attitude shifts. He carries himself with an ease and assurance that tells bullies to move on.

Robyn Silverman, PhD (Child Development specialist and Director Of Character Development at EEMA Fitness in MA

Staying power:

At Martial Arts America we will help your child set positive goals. It is important for each child to learn to set short term, intermediate and long term goals. Here every child’s goal is the Black Belt. A Black Belt is a symbol of excellence in Martial Arts. It is an important tool for instructors and parents to use in developing desire, perseverance and loyalty as well as teaching the importance of following through in any activity we pursue.

As your child’s training progresses, your child finds joy in improving her physical stamina. She can walk farther, run longer, practice skills until she gets them right. In turn, she develops perseverance. She sticks things out. With the help of her teachers, she strives harder, longer to reach her goals.

“Where performance is measured, performance improves.” Yet, your child has to first accept where he stands now. That means measuring current strengths. Above all, he learns that to succeed, he needs to know himself. This results in a keener focus. He learns to make eye contact with his teacher (and not just in karate.) He pays greater attention to what each teacher says.

Martial arts offer something for all ages; They help pre-schoolers develop social skills and improve their attention spans; they give grade-schoolers and teenagers a confidence boost while teaching self-control; and they leave parents with greater stamina, improved edurance, and a trimmer toned body

MSN Health & Fitness Section 1/30/07 by Jeanette Moninger of Prevention Magazine

These are just three of the powerful, energizing values your child will get from the Martial Arts America in Coronado program. In short, you can look forward to your child developing:

  • Powerful Self Control: She’ll refuse to give in to negative peer pressure. She’ll have deeper respect for rules.
  • Improved Focus: She’ll learn what’s needed, along with the skill to “zero in” on critical tasks at hand. Normal, yet time-wasting, childhood distractions won’t get in her way.
  • Fearless Self Confidence: Watch as your child finds the courage to open any door life has to offer.

In martial arts classes, they learn to focus, clear their minds of distractions, and take control of their body movements…. in martial arts, they aren’t graded or criticized…. They’re simply encouraged to give their best effort.

Richard B. Coolman, MD, Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrician at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center in San Jose, CA.

Academic Excellence:

Martial Arts America promotes academic excellence in your child. All young people in the program are required to demonstrate that they are doing their best at school prior to receiving their belts. Achieving a Black Belt demonstrates important character traits such as self-discipline and persistence. Students who achieve their Black Belt make sure to mention in on their college applications.

Towering Role-Model Teachers:

As you might guess, all of this couldn’t have happened unless I had the very best teachers. To make sure I have the very best each of them have years of experience in my system and have been thoroughly trained in teaching skills. Today, they are all martial arts experts – advanced Black Belts, in fact.


Adults stop in their tracks when my daughter informs them that karate is all about discipline and respect.

Irene Nuzzo


Our son Austin is proof that Martial Arts America’s instructors really are an asset to our community and that a black belt is a white belt that never gave up.

Chris and Jim O’Brien

At Martial Arts America in Coronado are committed to teaching the martial art tradition of Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karate-Do.

We believe that the experience gained through practice of Goju-Ryu-Karate-Do gives people the tools to lead a full and happy life and will enable people to positively affect their family, community and environment.

We are reminded that The way of karate is the way of virtue and that – winning has no value unless it is winning through virtue.

We teach Goju-Ryu Karate as a form of human development and personal empowerment by effectively combining the tradition of Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karate with modern teaching techniques.

We have realized that the experience of training in Goju-Ryu karate is rare and priceless and we have created an environment where this experience is made available to people of practially all ages and all walks of life.

We believe that excellence in the martial arts is defined as follows:

  • HANDS of a Black Belt – Achieving great physical strength and mastering martial skills which empower us mentally and physically.
  • HEAD of a Black Belt – Pursuing knowledge and an analytical capacity which lead to self-discipline and good judgement.
  • HEART of a Black Belt – Cultivating an indomitable spirit, a sense of justice and compassion, which allow us to understand ourselves and our environment.

Our goal in teaching Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karate is to be a means by which to:

  • CREATE a desire to pursue knowledge and learning
  • ENCOURAGE people of all ages to pursue a spiritual path.
  • SEEK and find mental and physical balance
  • SHOW people of all ages that they are capable with significant things to offer.
  • ENCOURAGE people to exercise good judgement, self discipline and responsibility.
“OK — I Might Be Interested… What Do I Do Next?”

I’d like to make it possible for you to see, first hand, and with your own child (and, at my own personal expense), exactly how we make good on all of these stunning claims. Now, here comes the good part. We’ve made it incredibly easy. Here’s how:

Take Advantage of our Special Offer – register below and receive an Introductory Program: (A $99.00 value) for jus $29.95.  I’m offering you two Karate lessons and a karate uniform and with absolutely no strings attached. See for yourself if, in fact, I can give your child the powerful benefits promised in this letter.

To schedule your child’s classes, simply call:



FREE Student-Parent Conference Before or during the introductory program we will meet one on one to discuss your child’s needs and your child’s progress. We will explain the benefits of our program and share the developmental process for your child in our program. We will give you tips on how to reinforce your child’s development and share with you his progress.

To register for the introductory program Pick up the phone and call. 619-435-8223

We’ll answer any additional questions that you may have and schedule a special time with our head instructor to work with you and your child. Please act quickly because these classes fill up fast – and, we are committed to maintaining a small student-teacher ratio in our beginner’s classes.

Whatever you do, I urge you to register today. Believe me…

Karate is the best thing you can do for your child!.

BUT BE WARNED. Remember, I’m inviting you to check out one of the most successful martial arts programs in the country! Call as soon as possible. Our programs FILL-UP FAST! Register Early and insure your spot.

Don’t worry! It is consistently stressed to all students that karate skills require them never to be abusive or offensive and are only for use defensively. After a short period of time students become markedly less aggressive while maintaining confidence and high personal self-esteem.

Thank you for your time and I hope to meet you at my school.


David Adams
4th Degree Black Belt
Chief Instructor

P.S. Don’t forget – Martial Arts America lessons for your child increases their confidence, energy and spirit. Taking Martial Arts America lessons helps your child as he/she develops towards greater academic achievement and higher self respect.

They will learn to increase their strength and fitness levels both in mind and body. Martial Arts America teaches your child the values and discipline needed to persevere. They learn that fighting is less about fighting others but more about fighting what is inside themselves. Self doubts and innermost fears.

The disciplines learned in karate helps them learn how to conquer those fears and self-doubts and gives them the ability to transfer those skills to other areas of life.

P.S.S. All this talk of values may have misled you. Be assured, I do teach karate as everyone likes to think of it. Your child will end up knowing how to protect herself. She’ll know how to avoid danger, how to use conflict resolution techniques – but without once throwing a kick, block or punch!

Finally, pick up the phone, call: 619-435-8223 right now to schedule your  introductory time. There is absolutely NO OBLIGATION beyond this introductory program!. If you choose not to continue with us – we’ll even give you alternative ideas for your child – and, even recommend our competitors – if there is a program more appropriate for your needs. Obviously, I think you’ll find our program very valuable and interesting but – you have no risk and no obligation – and everything to gain by trying our program.

So…what are you waiting for??

Take Advantage of our FREE Introductory Lesson

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